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Items Accepted at the Recycling Center

Recycling Guidelines Flyer

In general, Delta Township Recycling accepts plastics #1 – #7, metals, clear & colored glass, paper, boxboard, polystyrene, bicycles, ink cartridges, CFL bulbs, household batteries, phone books, cell phones & cooking oil year-around. 
 * The containers that hold pop or alcoholic beverages
 * Containers lined with wax that go in the freezer or refrigerator
 * Plastic containers that hazardous waste comes in, such as motor oil or anti-freeze for example
More information listed below.

  • AMERICAN FLAGS  Boy Scout Troop 111 has located their American Flag collection container at the recycling center.  All American flags can be dropped in the container at recycling center during regular hours of operation for proper flag retirement at a later date.
  • BICYCLES – Accepted in any condition.  They are then refurbished and returned to the community by The Kids Repair program. Volunteers are needed to assist at the Kids Repair Program.  You may work with staff to teach kids bike repair, bike safety, and bike maintenance.  You may help with supply inventories, grant writing, office support or public relation materials.  For more information or to register, call 517-755-4174.
  • BOX BOARD RECYCLING GUIDELINES – Box Board Collection Includes:  Cereal Boxes, Cracker Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Pasta Dinner Boxes, Paper Egg Cartons, Brown Bags, Toilet Paper Tubes, Paper Towel Tubes, Shirt Boxes, Tissue Boxes and Gray Back Boxes.  *These items must remain separated from other recyclables at the center and must not include corrugated cardboard.  NOT INCLUDED:  Wax Coated Boxes (meat & produce cases), Frozen Food Boxes, Pop or Beer Cases (6, 12, or 24 packs), Poster Board, Foil Lamination Boxes (i.e. dish water soap), Milk Cartons, Plastic from Tissue Boxes, Plastic Coated Boxes, Butter cartons/boxes that may be refrigerated.
  • CFL’S  (Compact Florescent Light bulbs) – Any CFL bulbs may be properly disposed of at the recycling center in the original recyclable box in which CFL was purchased or small recyclable cardboard box. (FLORESCENT LIGHT BULB TUBES ARE NOT ACCEPTED – ONLY CFL’S).
  • COOKING OIL – Kitchen grease and cooking oils only. Save in container with a lid and take it to the recycling center. Empty contents in cooking oil container provided, do not recycle oily containers. They must be washed before recycling or clean and reuse container for future trips to cooking oil collection maintained year round at recycling center.
    No drinking glasses, pyrex, window panes, dishes and fluorescent light bulb tubes or light bulbs. For information regarding disposal of fluorescent light bulbs or tubes that contain toxic material please contact the Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery – 1045 Independence Blvd., Charlotte, MI 48813 – 543-3686.
  • HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES – Household batteries only!  The battery collection has been modified. Please note that batteries have to be sorted. Separating watch and hearing batteries from rechargeable from standard household batteries is required. Please tape over the circuits on lithium, 9-volt, and larger batteries. *No electronic cigarettes or vapes* Thank you for your assistance.
  • INK CARTRIDGES – printer, fax and copier cartridges (no toner cartridges will be accepted). Deposit container located on south side of building at Recycling Center.
  • MERCURY THERMOMETERS – The Clerk’s Office provides household mercury thermometer exchange. One new digital thermometer per household.  Outdoor, cooking or wall thermometers are not accepted. Contact Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery at 543-3686 for disposal at Household Hazardous Waste program.
  • METALS ACCEPTED YEAR-ROUND – APPLIANCES MUST BE 80% METAL. The following is a listing of items accepted year-round.  If you have questions regarding an item ask the attendant at the Recycling Center:  Appliances – Washers, dryers, cook stoves, water heaters, water softeners, furnaces, steel dishwashers.  Steel and aluminum lawn furniture or swing sets, lawn mowers, rototillers, weed whackers, spreaders – (fluids must be drained), gas and charcoal grills, pots and pans, basketball poles (no cement), wire or metal fencing bundled, fence poles (no cement), metal cabinets and shelving, metal yard ornaments, steel doors and storm doors with glass removed, scrap metal, sheet metal, cast iron, metal sinks and metal burning barrels (must have open tops and be clean).  NO GAS OR OIL CANS ARE ACCEPTED. Tin and aluminum cans (cleaned and flattened), as well as items mostly composed of metal as listed but not all inclusive including Freon-free appliances.
  • PAPER – “Mixed residential” (includes: colored, white office, newspapers with inserts, junk mail, magazines, catalogs & phone books).  Brown paper bags and corrugated cardboard are also accepted.
  • PLASTIC – Items with #1 through #7 symbol on bottom accepted, including bottles and jugs with narrow, threaded neck; plastic tubs (margarine, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc, etc.); microwave trays; and yogurt containers. NO PLASTIC BAGS; paper wax-coated milk or juice cartons; styrofoam containers/packaging (see polystyrene); syringes; garden hose/rubber; furniture; pools; toys; or free flowing liquids.  The collection bin for plastics is a “mixed plastic collection.” All accepted plastics are in one bin. SPECIAL NOTE:  Please remove all lids & caps from plastic containers prior to placing in the recycling bin, caps are recyclable but need to be removed first.
  • POLYSTYRENE – More commonly known at Styrofoam, including egg cartons, meat trays, vegetable trays and large foam packing blocks (usually shaped to protect the item being shipped) are all acceptable.  Please Note: NO PACKING “PEANUTS”

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