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Taxes & Property

Please make checks or money orders payable to: DELTA CHARTER TOWNSHIP

Paying by check authorizes Delta Twp to send the information from your check electronically to your bank for payment. Checks are accepted as conditional payment until the check clears the bank. Please include your telephone number on the check.

Alternate payment methods: Taxpayers without escrow accounts may enroll for electronic payment from either your checking or savings accounts. The completed enrollment form must be submitted a minimum of 10 days prior to the payment date selected. Please Note: A new enrollment form must be filled out each year for ACH enrollment of tax payments. Taxpayers may also pay online through our website, in person at our Accounting Office, our through our Automated Phone System by dialing 1-855-825-0554.

Please note: There will be a 3% fee of the tax bill or a $1.50 minimum charge for credit cards and a $3.00 flat fee for E-checks through the website only.

Online Tax Payments:  Tax payments may be made through our online portal.

Delinquent real property taxes (land and structures): are paid (with interest and penalties) to the Eaton County Treasurer, at 1045 Independence Blvd., Charlotte, MI 48813. Please call 517.543.7500 or locally 517.485.3417 ext. 4262 for the current amount due. Payments made to Eaton County do not reflect in our records.

Have you moved? Please report any changes in description, address, or ownership to the Delta Township Assessing Office at 517.323.8520

Personal property taxes are a SECURED LIEN under Michigan Law (P.A. 206 of 1893, as amended; MCL 211.40) and are SUPERIOR to other liens, including those recorded with the Michigan Secretary of State under the Uniform Commercial Code. Tax liens do not have to be recorded with the Michigan Secretary of State.

Delinquent personal property taxes (business equipment): Personal property taxes remain payable to the Delta Charter Township Treasurer’s Office. Please call 517.323.8510 for the correct amount due (including interest and penalties).

NOTICE: It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to verify that payment is being made on the correct property description. The tax amounts listed on the tax notice are levied on the property described on the tax bill and are for the indicated tax year.

Additional property tax forms you may find helpful

Failure to receive a tax bill or failure to deliver timely tax payment does not waive interest or penalty charges.

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