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Delta Patrol

About Delta Patrol

Delta Township contracts with the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office for police protection. This contract establishes the Delta Patrol, which is housed within the Administration Complex of Delta Township. Delta Patrol is responsible for ensuring the safety of the community, investigating all criminal and civil complaints received and follows through with prosecution if warranted. Delta Patrol is also responsible for enforcing all traffic laws, with an emphasis on the school zones in Delta Township, responds to and investigates all traffic accidents reported, and has a Community Services Deputy assigned to work closely with school officials as well as the community, to solve problems that arise daily.

Security Camera Registry and Mapping (S.C.R.A.M)

Turn Your Camera into the Latest Crime-Fighting Tool by registering it with the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office S.C.R.A.M. Program

Submit A Tip Online!

By filling out this simple form you can help keep Delta Township safe. The form is easy and anonymous.

Online Vacation Check Form

Did you know that while you are on vacation the Delta Patrol of the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office will check on your home or property?

Overnight Parking 

Chapter 38 Article II Sec. 38-26 No person shall park any vehicle, including a vehicle used for commercial or recreational purposes, or any trailer on either side of any highway, freeway, street or roadway located within the township between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day.

  • If you need an exemption from this ordinance because you have to park in the street due to construction or another temporary issue please call 517-323-8480 to make arraingements.  

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