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Flooded Basement?

What to do if you experience flooding in your basement

Why it happens and what you can do about it

Homeowners are responsible for mitigating the circumstances of a flooded basement. One, often overlooked important step to take is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company for guidance in what you can do. Also, contact Delta Township’s Utility Department so that a township employee may assist you in determining the cause of the flooding. If it is determined the cause of the flooding is due to a problem with the sanitary sewer, the township’s collection crew will identify the problem and alleviate the issue as soon as possible.

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Sanitary Sewers and Storm Sewers (aka Storm Drains)

A sanitary sewer is for wastewater while a storm drain is for rain water. Sanitary sewers are the responsibility of Delta Township Utility Department to maintain, while storm drains are the responsibility of the Eaton County Road/Drain Commissioner.  If you have flooding in a roadway call Eaton County Road Commission, if it is in some other outside location call the Eaton County Drain Commission.

Contact Information

Eaton County Road Commission
Phone number: (1-877-883-2866)

Eaton County Drain Commission
Phone number: (517) 485-3417 ext. 3809

Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) is a condition in which untreated sewage is discharged from a sanitary sewer into the environment prior to reaching sewage treatment facilities.  When caused by rainfall it is also known as wet weather overflow.  More information can be found at: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/csosso/

Basement flooding due to a sanitary sewer backup:

Customers that experience an overflow or backup in the Township’s main sanitary sewer line and wish to file a claim for damages, must file the claim with the Accounting Department within 45 days after the overflow or backup was discovered. Failure to provide the required claim will prevent recovery of damages; however, filing a claim does not guarantee a recovery of damages.

However, if the problem is not in the sanitary sewer main, but in the lead (lateral) from the customer’s house to the main line, then it is the customer’s responsibility.

Please note the Township does not clean out customer’s laterals between the house and the sanitary sewer main.

Steps to help avoid flooding in your basement

Homeowners and residents of the township can make a difference, consider these items:

  • Sump pumps – have a backup plan: water assisted or battery backup
  • Install a check valve to help prevent the main sewer from backing up in your basement
  • Have your lateral line inspected by a plumber for potential blockages
  • Properly seal all cracks in basement walls and foundation
  • Regularly clean your roof’s gutters and downspouts and drain as far from home as possible

Street or yard flooding caused by excessive rain may cause basement flooding:

Heavy rains can also lead to potential basement flooding. Some things to consider during or before a rain event:

  • Keep the nearest catch basins clear of debris
  • Control surface water around your home: lot grading, backfilling, and swales
  • Install and/or properly maintain weeping tiles
  • Reduce household water use during heavy rainfall

Are You Insured?

Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance

Having homeowner’s or renter’s insurance can protect you against some flooding damage, but not all.  Understanding your insurance policy is very important to make sure you have coverage should flooding occur. If you are not sure whether you are covered or have questions regarding potential water damage contact your insurance agent.

Policies vary greatly among insurance carriers. Determine whether adding flood damage protection to your insurance would be the right decision for you. Usually without    this insurance the homeowner is responsible for the costs associated with flood damage.

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