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Young Person of the Year Award

This annual, Delta Township competitive award was established in 2009 to honor a selected high school senior who has made a positive contribution to the community, is an example to their peers, may have excelled in academics, music, arts, athletics, etc., or has successfully faced personal challenges.  A $2,000 academic scholarship will be awarded to the selected individual generously sponsored by the Delta Side Business Association.

Eligibility, Selection, and Recognition:

Eligibility for the annual Young Person of the Year Award and Scholarship will be based on fulfilling all the following criteria:

  • Is a verified present resident of Delta Township;
  • Is a verified high school senior (12th grade) whether enrolled in a traditional high school (public or private) or home-schooled;
  • Has excelled in either academics, music, arts, athletics, etc.,  volunteered in the community, or successfully overcame a personal or physical challenge.
  • Is planning to continue education by attending a post-secondary college, university, technical, or trade school.

Not eligible for Young Person of the Year Award are the following:

  • Relatives of current elected officials of Delta Township. *
  • Relatives of Delta Community Awards Committee members during their period of service. *

A volunteer selection panel will review all nominations and objectively decide the winner. Selection can be based on the nominee’s well-rounded qualifications and/or on one exceptional outstanding achievement.  The award winner will be honored at a public ceremony and may be featured in the media.

*For purposes of this nomination, a relative is described as a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, first cousin, niece, nephew, corresponding in-law, or “step” relation. 

Guidelines for Making Nominations:

All nominations must be submitted via the Young Person of the Year Nomination Form.  In the space provided on the form, the nominator must answer all questions about the nominee (i.e., the person being nominated for the award). There are no limits to the number of nominations submitted by a single nominator. The parent/guardian of the nominee (if under the age of 18) must sign a Photo and Video Release Form. Nominations must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 1, to be eligible. The recipient will be announced on October 28 at the 2021 Community Awards Reception to be held at the Crowne Plaza Lansing West Hotel. Nominations may be submitted via the online form or a printable version of the form is available at the link below.


Digital nomination form:
Please fill out the form below as completely as possible.

Nominee Name: *

Nominee School:

Nominee Street Address: *

Nominee City: *

Nominee State: *

Nominee Zip Code: *

Nominee Daytime Telephone: *

Nominee Email Address: *

Nominator Name: *

Nominator Street Address: *

Nominator City: *

Nominator State: *

Nominator Zip Code: *

Nominator Daytime Telephone: *

Nominator Email Address: *

Identify the contribution(s) for which you nominate the person above. Please be specific in noting academic, music, art, or athletic excellence, volunteerism in the community, or personal challenge(s). *

List and describe any special achievements, recognitions or awards received by the nominee. *

Please describe why you feel the achievement(s) made by the nominee are exceptional and why they should be selected for this award. *

List two references, unrelated to the nominee. The references must have credible knowledge of the individual’s background and accomplishments. References will be contacted for final candidates only. (Include Name, Address, and Daytime phone number for each reference.) *


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