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Property Assessment and Taxation

As the issue of property values continues to be a matter of nationwide concern, the Delta Township Assessing Department has strived to educate residents on the property assessment and taxation processes as put into place by the State of Michigan. The current economic conditions we are experiencing only further complicates an already confusing system. In our efforts to help property owners better understand the guidelines and tax laws Assessor’s must follow, and how the current market conditions affect those guidelines, we have put together an informational brochure. Please click the link below, and as always please feel free to contact our Assessing Department with any questions you may have.

Data Verification

The Assessing Department will be continuing their on-site property inspections from spring through the fall months. The purpose of verifying data is to ensure like properties are assessed uniformly and accurately, at 50% of market value.

Property owners within selected neighborhoods will receive informational letters prior to a visit from the Appraiser. Data that the Appraiser will verify includes exterior measurements, property features and interior information. While property owners are not required to allow department personnel into their homes, a complete inspection will help ensure the home is being assessed correctly.

If the Appraiser should visit the home while the homeowner is away, either a green door hanger, or a pink door sticker will be left to indicate they were there. The Department asks that if owners find a notice on their door, they please call the Assessing office and schedule an appointment to complete the appraisal.

Your cooperation in interacting with our staff is greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions regarding Data verification or other property assessment issues, please contact the Assessing Department at 517.323.8520, or via email at

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