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Elections and Voter Registration

Delta Township Election Center

Election Information
Elections are handled through the Delta Township Clerk’s Office.  In order to vote in any election in Michigan, you must be 18 years of age on or before Election Day, and you must be registered to vote prior to the Election Day.

Offices, classified under political elections would be as follows:  president, vice-president, senator, congressman, governor, secretary of state, attorney general, house representative, state senator, county offices, and township offices,  just to name a few.  If you would like information on the election process, please call the Clerk’s Office at 517-323-8500.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day.

Election Equipment for Delta Township Elections

Delta Township received new election tabulators and ADA equipment in 2018. The new equipment was purchased from Hart Intercivic from Austin, Texas.

Hart Intercivic Digital Ballot Scanner/Tabulator

Hart Intercivic Touch Writer – Accessible Ballot Marking Device

To vote, simply appear at your assigned polling precinct with photo identification on Election Day.  Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Your Voter Identification Card lists your precinct number and your assigned polling location.  You will vote at the same precinct location for all elections conducted in Delta Township. If you do not receive a Voter Identification Card within three weeks after registering, contact your local clerk regarding your voter registration status. You may also check your status on the Michigan Voter Information Center website at 



Voter Registration
Voter registration can be handled through the Secretary of State’s Office in Delta Township located at 8158 Executive Court (off Marketplace drive between Saginaw and St. Joe Highway), or at the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 7710 W. Saginaw Highway.  Updating your driver’s license at the Secretary of State’s Office or on-line at will also update your voter registration and will be electronically submitted to Delta Township. Once received by Delta a voter identification card will be sent.

Registering to Vote – First Time Voter in Michigan
If you have never voted in Michigan and register by mail or online through the Secretary of State website, you must appear in person to vote in the first election in which you wish to participate with identity confirming photo identification. This requirement does not apply if (1) you personally hand deliver the mail-in registration form to your county, city or township Clerk’s Office (2) you are 60 years of age or more (3) you are disabled or (4) you are eligible to vote under the Military and Overseas Citizens  Voter Empowerment Act – “Move Act”.

Change of Address
If you move you must update your address.  This can be handled by the Clerk’s Office, or at any Secretary of State Branch office. Whenever you move to a new city or township or move within your current city or township, even if the change is as minor as moving to a different apartment within the same complex, you must update your voter registration or re-register to vote. The Michigan Voter Registration Form is located under Election Documents. The form must be printed, completely filled out, signed, and mailed to the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 7710 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917.


 The Delta Township Clerk’s Office maintains a Permanent Absent Voter List, which is a list of voters who regularly choose to vote by absentee ballot.  From this list, Applications for an Absentee Ballot are mailed out for every election as required by Michigan Election Law.  If you would like to be placed on our Permanent Absent Voter List, please fill out the attached request and return it to the Clerk’s Office.


Frequently asked questions and answers are provided below.  However, should you have additional inquiries about voting procedures please contact the Clerk’s Office at 323-8500 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm.

Q.  What steps do I have to take to receive an Application?

A.  You may request to be placed on the Permanent Absentee Voter List.  From that list, Applications are automatically mailed each election.  If you choose to not be placed on the permanent list, you may call the Clerk’s Office and request an Application be sent for any particular election.


Q.  How to complete the Application?

A.  The Application will either be for one or two upcoming elections. The date or dates will be printed at the top of the Application. Please verify your residential address and mailing address.  Make any changes if necessary. If you wish the Ballot be sent to an alternate address other than your current residence, make sure to provide the alternate address where indicated on the Application. Sign, date and return the Application in the envelope provided.


Q.  Do I qualify to receive an Absentee Ballot?

A.  Under Proposal 3, a constitutional amendment passed by Michigan voters in November, 2018 EVERY Michigan voter has the right to vote by absentee ballot – no reason is required. You MUST return the absent voter application each election in order to receive a ballot.


Q.  What happens next?

A.  All applications are reviewed for completeness and signatures are compared to those in our data base. Your ballot will be mailed to you at the address you indicate as soon as the Ballots are available for mailing.  Typically this is four to five weeks in advance of the election.


Q.  What is your next step?

A.  In the privacy of your home, vote the candidates and issues of your choice. Place the Ballot back in the secrecy sleeve and envelope provided. Sign the outside of the envelope where indicated.  You may return the ballot via US Mail, place in the Delta Township drop box on the north drive, or hand deliver the ballot to the Clerk’s Office. 


Q.  What if I want to vote at the precinct?

A.  Simply do not fill out the absentee application and go to your precinct on Election Day to vote. Or, if you have received your Absentee Ballot, simply surrender the Ballot at your precinct on Election Day and vote in the precinct.


Q.  Which elections will I receive absentee ballot applications for?

A.  An application will be mailed to all voters on the Permanent AV List for any election scheduled in Delta Township.






VOTER’S NAME, (Please Print)                                                   DATE


ADDRESS                                                                                                                       BIRTH DATE

Download the Permanent Absent Voter List Request here.

Permanent Absent Voter List

The Delta Township Clerk’s Office maintains a Permanent Absent Voter List. The Permanent Absent Voter List is a list of voters who vote by absentee ballot. All voters on the Permanent Absent Voter List are automatically sent an absentee ballot application for each election scheduled in Delta Township. However, the application for an absentee ballot must be completed for every election, required by Michigan Election Law in order to have a ballot mailed to the voter.  To qualify you must apply in writing for each election you’re requesting to vote by absentee ballot. From this permanent absent voter list, absentee voter applications are mailed out for every election as required by Michigan Election Law. If you would like to be placed on our Permanent Absent Voter List, call the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 323-8500 and request to be placed on the Permanent Absent Voter List or print and complete the Permanent Absent Voter List Request form under Election Document, and mail to:  Delta Township Clerk’s Office, 7710 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917.  Voters on the list should also keep in mind that any address change made with the voter registration will require the voter to re-apply to be placed on the permanent absentee voter list by calling the Clerk’s Office or completing a new permanent absent voter list request from.  The permanent absent voter list is based on an address and a voter name, therefore any address change made will remove the permanent absent voter status and the voter must re-apply.

How to Request Absentee Ballot
If you find that you will not be able to vote at the polls on Election Day all voters have the option of voting by absentee ballot.  A request or application must be filed for all elections when voting by absentee ballot.  The process is the same as voting at precinct, the voter must fill out application before receiving a ballot. To request an application the voter can either click the link under Election Documents for absentee ballot application, print, complete, and sign the application and mail or drop off to the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 7710 W. Saginaw Highway or voter can call the Clerk’s Office at 323-8500 to request an application be mailed.   Ballots are available approximately 4 to 5 weeks prior to any scheduled election and applications can be requested and submitted 75 days prior to any election. If a voter will be out of town, the ballot can be mailed to an alternate address which should be indicated on their application when applying for a ballot.  This option is great for college students or those voters out of state for months at a time.  BY LAW, BALLOTS MAILED CANNOT BE FORWARDED so it is important that we have the correct “mailing address” to mail the ballot.  If your address changes for any reason after you have submitted your application, which may happen with college students especially, contact the Clerk’s Office with your updated mailing address so that your ballot will be delivered without any delay.

Absentee Ballot Facts
Did You Know! You can vote in every election by absentee ballot. If applying for an absentee ballot in person at the Clerk’s Office, photo identification is required.  If a voter has no photo identification, the voter will sign an affidavit of voter without photo identification prior to a ballot being issued. Without the voter present, issued ballots can only be mailed.

The Clerk’s Office must have a written request on file for every election before an absentee ballot can be issued. Voter may apply by application or send written letter with the following information:  name, residential address, where ballot is to be mailed, date of election(s) requesting absentee ballots for and signature of the voter.   You can apply by written request, application from your Clerk’s Office, fax, or scanned request transmitted via email. Faxed and emailed requests must show voter’s signature or request cannot be honored. A Voter can file an application request for an absentee ballot up to 75 days prior to date of the election.

Voters can apply for an absentee ballot through the mail up to the Friday prior to each election.  Absentee ballots can be requested in person at the Clerk’s Office until 4 p.m. the Monday prior to each election. If a voter requests a ballot on Saturday, Sunday or Monday prior to the election, the voter must vote the ballot in the clerk’s office; voter is not permitted to leave the clerk’s office with ballot.  If voter requests ballot prior to Friday before the election, the voter can leave with the ballot and return it by Election Day at 8:00 p.m. to be counted.

Upon receipt of an absentee ballot request the application must be verified.  The signature appearing on the application is checked against the signature on applicant’s voter registration record and digital signature on file to verify applicant identity. If the signatures on file compared to application request do not match a letter will be sent to voter to request an updated signature and verify the applicant is applying for absentee ballot.

Voters have approximately 4 to 5 weeks in which absentee ballots are available.  Voters may receive ballot through mail at residence, hospital, nursing home etc. within jurisdiction or at post office box if voter normally receives mail there.  Voters can also receive a ballot at an address out of state or country if that address is provided on the application.  If an absentee voter receives assistance in voting their ballot, the individual who provided assistance must sign certificate that appears on outside of ballot return envelope.

Absentee ballots are returned to the Clerk’s Office by mail in envelope provided by Clerk’s office or in person. Voter must return ballot by 8 p.m. Election Day for ballot to be counted.  Absent Voter Ballots are not counted until Election Day and are kept in a secure, locked area when returned by voter until Election Day.  It is important if voter makes mistake on ballot while voting at home to contact the Clerk’s Office in person or by phone to have a ballot replaced.

Election inspectors at the precincts and the Absent Voter Counting Board are made up of State of Michigan, Township or County registered voters and are appointed by the Election Commission of Delta Township.


Military & Overseas Citizens Voter Empowerment Act (“MOVE” Act)

Registering to Vote and Applying for Absentee Ballot for Military and Overseas Voters
The following voters qualify under This Act:  Active Uniformed Service and their Spouse and Dependents, and Merchant Marines stationed in the United States or overseas, and Civilians residing or temporarily overseas only.

The Move Act was signed into law in 2009 affording all active uniformed service, spouse, dependents, and merchant marine, stationed inside or outside the United States and civilians residing or temporarily located overseas the option of requesting an “electronic” absentee ballot to be emailed or faxed to voter. The voter must submit a FPCA form requesting ballot every calendar year (January 1 – December 31), and must be filled out in its entirety. The FPCA completed form can be e-mailed to or fax to 517-323-8599. The FPCA form used for this request is available at our website at for your convenience. Additional information including contact information for Michigan’s city and township clerks, sample ballots for you to view for upcoming election or candidate/proposal information can be viewed through the Michigan Voter Information Center Web site maintained by the Michigan Department of State at


Michigan Voter Information Center

votercenterMichigan’s “Voter Information Center” is available online for all Michigan residents to utilize. The site provides residents information regarding their voter registration, polling location and election related information. Additional information available from the website includes:

  • Are you registered?
  • Find your Clerk
  • Register to Vote
  • Absentee Voting
  • Working at the Polls
  • Voting Equipment and Voting Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Statewide Ballot Proposals
  • Candidate Information Links
  • Voter Identification
  • Ballot Displayed for Current Election

Visit the Voter Information Center at

Election Worker Information

Election Workers
Delta Township depends on residents to help in the election process. We are always looking for workers for our Precinct Polling Locations, Absent Voter Counting Board, Receiving Boards and extra office staff. These are paid positions and anyone interested should contact the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 323-8500.  If interested in working elections an application must be completed and returned on yearly basis.  The election worker application is located under Election Documents.  Print, complete application, sign, and return to the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 7710 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917

Precinct Location Information

Polling Locations

Precinct Location Address
1 St. Gerard Church 4437 West Willow Highway, Lansing
2 Joseph E. Drolett Community Center – Upstairs 7550 West Willow Highway, Lansing
3 Riverview Church West Venue 7533 West St. Joseph Highway, Lansing
4 Delta Township Fire Station 811 North Canal Road, Lansing
5 Delta Township Library 5130 Davenport Drive, Lansing
6 Delta Township Enrichment Center 4538 Elizabeth Road, Lansing
7 Faith Bible Church 5211 West St. Joseph Highway, Lansing
8 St. David’s Episcopal Church 1519 Elmwood Road, Lansing
9 Calvary Lutheran Church 6301 West St. Joseph Highway, Lansing
10 Riverview Church West Venue 7533 West St. Joseph Highway, Lansing
11 Grace Bible Church 1000 South Canal Road, Lansing
12 Our Savior Lutheran Church 7910 East St. Joseph Highway, Grand Ledge
13 Mt. Hope Church – Spyn Center 202 South Creyts Road Lansing
14 Community Baptist Church 7832 West Mt. Hope Highway, Grand Ledge
15 South Church 5250 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing
16 South Church 5250 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing

Election Documents

Picture ID Requirement when voting in Michigan
Michigan voters who vote at the polls and absent voter ballot in person must comply with the requirement of showing picture identification. The most common sources of picture identification are your driver’s license or a state ID card.  The following forms of picture identification may also be used as long as they are current:

  • Federal or state government-issued photo identification (Driver’s license or state identification card from any state).
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID card with photo
  • Student ID card with photo from high school or an accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal ID card with photo.

Voters without picture identification:  Michigan election law anticipates that not all voters will have picture identification.  Voters who do not bring picture identification to the polls or do not possess picture identification can vote like any other voters by signing an affidavit of voter not in possession of identification.

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