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Utility Department

Wastewater Division

Originally built in 1965 the Delta Township Wastewater treatment facility is an activated sludge treatment plant that consistently produces a high-quality effluent & “Exceptional Quality (EQ) Biosolids”.  The facility underwent expansion in 1972 and again in 1985 to increase treatment capacity and incorporate odor control.  The primary purpose of the Wastewater Division is to convey the sanitary sewage from the customer to the treatment plant for proper processing and to run other programs as required by state and federal agencies regarding wastewater treatment and employee safety.

The plant is currently designed to handle 6 million gallons of water each day with available equalization of an additional 5 million gallons.  The treatment process operates 365 days a year without interruptions caused by weather or holidays.  Currently, the sanitary sewer system has approximately 176 miles of sanitary sewer pipe that the wastewater division must maintain. The collection system includes 20 pumping stations that convey the wastewater from lower elevations into the gravity flow portions of the system.


Water Division

The primary goal of the Water Division and the Department’s water distribution system is to maintain safe and clean drinking water for our 9,398+ customers.  We work very closely with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to meet the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sampling requirements.  The water distribution system operates on a daily basis, year-round.  We maintain 5 standby wells, 3 ground storage tanks with pump stations, 2 elevated towers, and a Water Operations facility.

Delta Township purchases treated water from the Lansing Board of Water and Light, so the wells are being maintained for an emergency water supply only.  In addition to storage facilities, the distribution system consists of 213.5 miles of water and 2,180 fire hydrants.  The Utility Department installs water services, assists customers with routine turn on/off requests, and perform repairs when necessary to fire hydrants, main breaks, service line leaks, and other various appurtenances throughout the water system.

Water, Wastewater or Stormwater Emergencies:

For Water emergencies (main breaks or home/business flooding from a water leak) call (517) 323-8570 phone number manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For Wastewater emergencies (sewer backups in the street or home) call (517) 323-8570 phone number manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For flooding due to Stormwater emergencies call:

  • In roadway call: Eaton County Road Commission at 1-877-88EATON (1-877-883-2866)
  • If the flooding is not in a roadway call: Eaton County Drain Commissioner at (517) 543-3829


Contact the Department

7000 W. Willow Hwy
Lansing MI, 48917
Phone Number: (517) 323-8570
Fax Number: (517) 323-1771

Richard Kane

Director of Utilities

Utility Department Staff:

Mike McKane – Deputy Director of Utilities

Dave Swink – Water Distribution Supervisor

Kenneth Herman – Water Quality Supervisor

David D’Haene – Operations/Maintenance Supervisor

Gabe Ruiz – Collections Supervisor

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