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Shared Services

In an effort to save money, benefit the communities involve, and promote regionalism, Delta Township has engaged in several shared services initiatives throughout the region.

Regional Fire Shared Public Services Study

This project was launched on November 30, 2011. Through the Michigan Municipal League Foundation (MML), Plante & Moran, PLLC was retained to assist the City of East Lansing, City of Lansing, Delhi Township, Delta Township, Lansing Township, and Meridian Township with a Shared Public Services Initiative Project involving the exploration of various collaboration scenarios for the representative fire departments of each community.

The main objectives of the project include:

  • Assessing the feasibility of creating an actionable plan for the fire departments, leading to a full merger, partial merger, or a mutually beneficial cooperative agreement
  • Facilities plan – using existing infrastructure and resources to the extent feasible
  • Organizational strategies and structure, including possible functional consolidation
  • Offer a phased approach, including identifying immediate opportunities (e.g., smaller consolidations, common response protocol, automatic mutual aid, etc.) and a longer term plan for remaining objectives

Plante Moran recommended a phased approach toward a possible single entity serving the fire and EMS.

Needs of the residents of all six communities. The first phase, of the proposed four-phase approach, included the following benefits:

  • Provides a platform for increased collaboration as a step toward consolidation.
  • Formalize the relationship between the Communities.
  • Provides a much-needed governance structure which will serve as a basis for decision making relative to the multi-phase approach.
  • Establishes automatic mutual aid which is a basic element where the Communities are collaborating on fire and EMS services.

Read the full study here:

Assessing Services Agreement

In 2009, Delta Township and the City of Grand Ledge recognized the benefits of a joint utilization of assessing personnel, and at that time Delta offered to provide personnel and assessing services to the City of Grand Ledge. An Agreement for Assessing Services and Specifications was first entered into and signed on September 8, 2009, and renewed in 2012. The current agreement shall expire August 31, 2017, unless both parties mutually agree in writing to extend the agreement.

During the term of this Agreement, some of the items Delta Township assessing personnel shall perform for the City of Grand Ledge are as follows:

  • Inspect and revise data and property record cards for property with new construction, demolitions, and property splits
  • Neighborhood market studies and analysis of land values
  • Revalue new construction, demolitions, and property splits
  • Prepare the assessment roll and tax roll
  • Analyze all studies conducted by the County Equalization Department and prepare all required equalization and State Tax Commission forms
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