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FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests

Michigan Freedom of Information Act  Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231,et seq.

The information you are seeking may likely already be accessible on this website and may not require you to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Please navigate this website using the tools on the homepage.  If you can not find the information you seek please refer to the documents below and submit a FOIA request to the Township Managers Office by using the online form below.

Delta Township FOIA documents for review and download:

  • Written Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines – This document will answer most all of your question pertaining to submission of the FOIA request to the township.  It outlines the township procedures and guidelines and will tell you what to expect during the process.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Request Form – You can download, fill out this form and return it to the township to submit a FOIA request.  However, the township prefers you to fill out the online form below for the fastest response time.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Notice to Extend – In some circumstances, the amount of time to collect the information requested in a FOIA submittal may take longer than 5 business days.  If that is the case the township will return this Notice to Extend form to you with a description as to why.  You do not need to fill this form out to submit a FOIA request.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Cost Worksheet – This worksheet will be used by the township to determine whether or not your request will incur any charges.  You do not need to fill this form out to submit a FOIA request.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Fee Appeal Form – If you feel the township has arrived at a fee to process the FOIA request that you disagree with you must submit an official appeal.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Notice of Denial – In some circumstances the information you request will be protected from FOIA and cannot be given out.  In the event that you request such information that township will return this Notice of Denial form.  You do not need to fill this form out to submit a FOIA request.
  • Delta Township – FOIA Denial Appeal Form – If you disagree with the townships determination to deny you information, you may fill out this Denial Appeal Form and submit it to the township.  You do not need to fill this form out to submit a FOIA request however if you are appealing a denial you will need to complete and submit this form

If you would like to submit a FOIA request, please carefully read the information below. Michigan law requires public bodies to comply with or deny a FOIA request within five business days unless a single extension of not more than ten business days has been issued, as allowed under the law.

Please fill out all fields below. Missing or incomplete information will delay a response to your FOIA request.

Online FOIA Request Form

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Request for Copies/Duplication of Records on Township Website
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