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Where Do My Tax Dollars Go?

Residents and business owners pay their property taxes to Delta Township, however, the Township only keeps approximately 19% of that amount. We collect and distribute taxes for Waverly, Grand Ledge, Lansing and Holt public schools, Eaton and Ingham Intermediate schools, Lansing Community College, Eaton County and the State of Michigan (SET-State Education Tax).

Citizens Guide To Delta Township’s Financial Health

The Guide to Delta Township’s Financial Health was designed and intended to provide Delta Township residents and citizens of the Greater Lansing Region with a quick and easy way to analyze the current financial health of Delta Township. In addition, it gives you a means to compare our local government data with similar data from other local governments as well as state government. As a resident and taxpayer of Delta, you deserve to know what your property tax dollars are being used for, and how much services provided are costing you on an annual basis.

Please review the full report below.

Municipal Dashboard

Delta Township Budget Information

Delta Township is a diverse community preserved through a balance of consistent planning and well-maintained urban and rural neighborhoods. The Township Board and Administration will provide efficient and reliable service through the use of new technologies and sound fiscal management.

Audited Financial Statements

Debt Service Report

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