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Delta Charter Township requests proposals from qualified artists to create a permanent placemaking/public art piece. Proposals may be artistic, cultural or popular in nature and may (but are not required to) feature themes related to the Township’s unique history. Please note that this call is for an exterior installation and requires the art piece to stand up to severe weather, vandalism, graffiti, etc. and be adequately and safely displayed and secured. The submittal deadline is 5:00 p.m. EST, Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

The Township has identified a primary location for the art piece. The proposed site will be the focal point at the West entrance of the East-West Pathway from Canal Rd where the artist’s work will be showcased for visitors to interact with. The proposed public art should be bold in its appearance and act as an attraction to bring people to the East-West pathway.

This is an open call to all artists interested in creating a placemaking/public art piece to be completed in September 2020. 

Artists must include an all-inclusive budget for the anticipated scope of work to cover all costs associated with the public art piece. The budget is inclusive of all artist’s fees, travel, design, engineering, foundation, insurance, signage, fabrication, labor, shipping, installation, etc.

The Township reserves the right to omit portions from the proposed fee; therefore, it is critical each section is priced independently per item. Any costs not identified within the pricing schedules will not be allowable charges. Delta Township may provide in-kind services such as installation.

The total budgeted amount for this work, including installation, shall not exceed $30,000.

For more information please download the full request for proposal.

Full Request for Proposal

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