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Delta Township Saginaw Highway Corridor Improvement Authority

Delta Township Saginaw Highway CIA Board Meetings

Meeting Schedule:
The Delta Township Saginaw CIA Board will meet on the second Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in Public Meeting Room A as follows:
January 10 CANCELED July 11
February 14 August 8 CANCELED
March 14 CANCELED September 12
April 11 October 10
May 9 November 14 CANCELED
June 13 December 12

January 9 July 10
February 13 August 14
March 13 September 11
April 10 October 9
May 8 November 13
June 12 December 11

CIA Meeting agendas and minutes

What is a Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA)?

The Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) act, Public Act 57 of 2018, Part 6, is designed to assist communities with funding improvements in commercial corridors.  Delta Township wishes to utilize the CIA to revitalize the Saginaw Highway Corridor from Broadbent to Waverly Road by providing assistance for public improvements to attract new development, projects, and studies to help with redevelopment.

Delta Township Saginaw Highway Corridor Improvement Authority

On May 17, 2021, the Delta Township Board approved the establishment of the Delta Township Saginaw Highway Corridor Improvement Authority.  

FINAL Development Map

What is a Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan?

A Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan describes the types of activities the CIA can participate in as well as how those activities are financed. The plan covers a defined period of time (usually between 20-30 years) and explains how Tax Increment Financing (TIF) will work, which is the primary means by which new projects would be funded. It is important to note that TIF is not a new tax nor does it raise any property owners’ taxes. Rather, it establishes a base year for taxable values (i.e., 2021), and conditions if values increase above the 2021 values within the District as time progresses, the CIA can capture those value increases to fund public improvements within the District that would otherwise be apportioned to taxing jurisdictions over the defined period of time (again, usually between 20-30 years).

Proposed TIF Capture Areas (MAP B) Web

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