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Willow Canoe Launch

Willow Canoe Launch - Copy - CopyWillow Canoe Launch is located at the northwest side of the Township and situated along the Grand River. The park was developed in 2018 and funded by a DNR Trust Fund Grant. This park provides the opportunity for all individuals to access the river for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, wildlife observation, and other nature-based activities.

Launch Type: ADA accessible launch pad & able-bodied shore access

Upstream access: Delta Mills Park – 3.6 miles or ~1.5-2 hours paddle to West Willow Launch

Downstream access: Jaycee Park – 2.3 miles or ~1-1.5 hours downstream


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Paddle / Launch Guidelines

  • By state law, every paddler must have a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD), and children under 6 must wear a PFD at all times while in a watercraft. We recommend that all children under 13 wear a PFD while paddling the river.
  • Our shorelines are fragile ecosystems, so please restrict launching and landing to designated areas only.
  • Plan ahead and let someone know your paddling agenda.
  • Leave No Trace. No littering or dumping of trash or personal items. Dispose of your waste in the provided receptacles at designated launch sites.
  • Do not disturb natural or cultural resources including wildlife.
  • Respect private property. Do not trespass unless in an emergency situation.
  • No camping allowed so plan your trip ahead of time.
  • Take turns and be respectful when launching at any access site.
  • The Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds (MGROW) has provided this 360-degree Virtual Water Trail Map to assist with planning your trip: https://www.mgrow.org/trailmap

Warning: Fallen trees, whitewater or rapids, built structures such as dams and other hazards are present in the water throughout the Middle Grand River Water Trail. Be alert to weather conditions, water levels and speed of the current. Know your abilities. Boating involves some risk of drowning, injury or death.

Park Information

  • barrier-free canoe launch
  • picnic area
  • seating areas
  • paved pathways,
  • able-bodied access to the river
  • site furnishings
  • a pollinator garden. 
Accessible Via
  • Paved Parking Lot
  • Middle Grand River Water Trail

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