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Right-Of-Way Permitting


  1. Who needs to submit for a right-of-way permit and why?
    1. Any property owner or utility company conducting work within the right-of-way or within Delta Township utility and pathway easements inside the jurisdictional limits of Delta Township.
    2. All franchise utility companies that have a valid MetroAct agreement to install infrastructure within Delta Township are still required to submit for a right-of-way permit for review by the Engineering Department.
    3. Delta Township owns, maintains, and operates its own infrastructure including water main, sanitary sewer, and non-motorized facilities that serve the community. Any work that is being conducted in the vicinity of these facilities must be reviewed to ensure this infrastructure is properly protected.
  2. Do I need to pay a fee?
    1. There is a fee schedule provided here: Delta Township Fee Schedule. These fees are waived for franchise utility companies that have a valid MetroAct Agreement to conduct work within Delta Township. Fees will also be waived for residential homeowners.
  3. All Right-Of Way permits need to be applied for by an address/parcel within our system:
    1. If your project is contained on 1 parcel within the township, please select that parcel/address at the beginning of the online permit application.
    2. If you project spans multiple parcels please select address 123 ROW St or parcel 040-888-888-888-88 at the beginning of the online permit application. 


BSAOnline offers users the ability to apply for, check the status of, pay for, and print Delta Township Permits as well as schedule inspections, all online without having to call or come into Township Hall.

New users? To use the portal as a contractor you must:
  1. Create an account by going to https://www.bsaonline.com/Contractors/?uid=21
  2. Follow these instructions to successfully apply for a permit online.
    1. Applying For a Permit For Contractors
  3. To request inspection by the Engineering Department to receive final closeout of a permit follow these instructions:
    1. Online Inspection Request for Contractors

The portal can also be used by residents and non-contractors without registering by following these instructions:


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