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Rental Property Registration

The Rental Registration Ordinance supplements the existing Property Maintenance Code by requiring registration of all residential rental properties. The Ordinance also provides for inspections of rental units and common areas to ensure that minimum safety standards are met, as well as, maintaining the aesthetic value of the community by promoting public health, safety and general welfare to our citizens. General areas of inspections include, but are not limited to, ensuring that there are proper smoke detectors, there is not excessive occupancy, all electrical, mechanical and plumbing devices work properly, and the premises remain junk free. Violations may result in civil infractions and/ or condemnation.

Download the Rental Property Registration Packet. It’s complete with:

  • Rental Program FAQs
  • General Guidelines Checklist
  • Rental Inspection Program Fee Schedule
  • Application for Registration of Rental Property
  • Disclaimer Affidavit
  • Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Rental Property Registration History

Prior to the adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code, the Building Department would receive complaints from tenants regarding unsafe conditions; however, the township did not have the enforcement power to take any action.

There was a gap between new construction inspections and the lack of inspections on existing properties. Typically after the original certificate of occupancy there wouldn’t be any inspections on existing properties thus opening the door to unsafe conditions. As Delta Township ages, this can create problems.

In 2000, Building Department Officials began recommending the adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code which provides for minimum safety standards for all existing residential and nonresidential structures. The State of Michigan adopted the IPMC by reference and many surrounding communities already had such ordinances in place.

In 2002, the Board adopted the International Property Maintenance Code and the Building Department has been enforcing it on a complaint basis only. However, it has become apparent that many tenants are afraid to complain and substandard housing conditions have been discovered. Further, many, many furnaces, water heaters, etc. are being installed improperly without permits.

The act of renting a property is a business activity and when improperly maintained it affects the public health, safety and general welfare, as well as, the aesthetic value of community at large and has a direct effect on property values. It is our duty to ensure that all residents, including our tenants, are living in safe conditions.

To correct unsuitable conditions within rental properties and to establish mechanisms for continued maintenance of a sound rental stock, and to promote health, safety, and welfare, the Building Department, with support of the Township Board has recommended a regular rental registration and inspection program. The City of East Lansing, Meridian Township, Delhi Township, and the City of Lansing have had rental inspection programs in place for many years.

Who Benefits?

Landlords benefit by receiving guidance from housing professionals, by being provided with a documented record of the conditions of the rental unit at the beginning of tenancy, by being protected against consumer law suits for renting sub-standard units, and by being provided a tool that can be utilized against illegal rent withholding and tenant damage to a unit.
Tenants benefit by being provided with legal, safe, and sanitary living, by eliminating their fear for filing complaints, and by being educated on their responsibilities and rights.
The community benefits by promoting safe homes and protecting property values.

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