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Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners and Contractors

Homeowner/Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

What types of work require the need to obtain a permit [such as a Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, or Electrical] when doing work inside my house?

This is NOT an all-inclusive list, however, it covers the most common questions…

  • A permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, or demolish any building, or part thereof.
  • All new construction work requires a building permit.
  • All existing construction work, if altering the original building, requires a building permit.
  • The following repairs/replacement projects ALWAYS require a permit:
    • Water heater change out
    • A/C or Furnace replacement
    • Generator Installation
    • Re-Roofing home
    • Tub/shower replacement
    • Electrical service change out/repair
    • Window/door replacement if opening sizes are altered
    • All repairs due to a fire
Why do I need to obtain a permit – what is the benefit to me as a homeowner?
Along with it being a legal requirement, a Permit is beneficial for several reasons:

  • When a Building Permit Application, and Building Plans, are submitted to the Building Division, they are reviewed to see that it meets established building codes.  The review and approval process allows problems to be identified and corrected before the work is performed.
  • During the process of submitting a permit, a contractor’s licensing and insurance are verified
  • The selling of the property could be delayed when non-­permitted work is discovered.
  • Work completed without permits and/or inspections is deemed a violation on the property.
Can the homeowner apply for my own permit, or must I have a license?

Homeowners, can obtain their own buildings permits but it must be understood that they are assuming all liability for the work performed. The same inspections and rules apply. Trade permits (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) can only be pulled by the homeowner if they are doing the work themselves. If not, a licensed contractor needs to pull the permits.

How much does a permit cost?
The cost varies based on the permit type and value of the project.  You can find all the Townships' fees on the Fee Schedule page.
When do I pay the fee for the permit?
Permit Fees must be paid, prior to Issuance, or any inspections being requested
How long does it take to get a Building Permit?
If everything is correct, a building permit for additions/alterations can be obtained within 7 working days.  If it’s a ‘large scale’ project, it may take 30-60 days.  Permits for Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing, can generally be obtained immediately.
How can I check the progress of a permit application?
To check on the status of a pending permit application please call 517-323-8530.
Can I obtain Permit Applications online?
Yes, you can, and you have a couple options.  You can either apply for the Permit using our On-line Program, or fill out and return the ‘hard-copy’ ‘pdf’ permit application.
Can I start work when I submit a permit application or does it first need to be approved?
No.  Work can NOT begin until the Permit has been secured.
How much time do I have to get the work done once a permit is issued?
Your Permit will expire and become void if work is not started, and an inspection requested, within 180 days from the date issued.  The permit will also expire if no inspections are requested for 180 days after the initial inspection.
How do I find out if all of the required inspections have been approved?
There are a few ways to find out.  If you have applied for your Inspection using our online system, you will automatically receive an email with the results as soon as they are recorded in the program.  You can also always go online to see the results of any inspection.  Lastly, you can call the office for the status.
How do I find out if I have any expired permits on my property?
You can always go online to see the results of any inspection that has been done on your property.  If there are expired Permits, they will show there.
Can you help me with hiring a good Contractor?
Although we do not give out Contractor recommendations, we do believe it is very important to check:

  • Does the contractor have a valid license?
  • Can they provide recent references?
  • Does this Contractor have expired permits on file with Delta Township?
  • Does the Contractor provide a warranty?
  • Lastly, we recommend that you verify all Township inspections have been approved and that you are satisfied with the work before making final payment to a contractor.
Where is the Building Division located and what are the hours of operation?
The Delta Township Building Division is located at 7710 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing MI, 48917.  Our office hours are weekdays from 8am to ­ 5pm.
My project is complete. How do I get my certificate of occupancy?
Upon completion, and Final Inspection by the Building Official a Certificate of Occupancy will be sent to you.
Can a decision by the Building Official be appealed?
Yes.  You can fill out the “appeal form” that is available online.
Who is responsible for calling in an inspection when work is ready?
The permit holder or his/her agent. Either party can call for an inspection, however we believe it is most efficient for the homeowner to call for electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections and for the contractor to call for building permits.

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