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Starting & Operating a Business in Delta Township

We are thrilled that you are considering Delta Township as a potential home for your business!  Delta Township has dedicated staff ready to assist you through our Economic Development Office on your journey.  Please contact them early in your process.Choose Delta

Below is intended to give you an overview of starting a business in Delta Township.  Please know that it may not include everything you need to know to start a business because each business is unique.  You are required to meet all federal, state, and local requirements for your business. 

Please contact our Economic Development Office at 517-816-8275 with any questions about operating a business in Delta Township. 

Zoning and Location

Your business is subject to zoning requirements.  Zoning will vary based on the type of business and the location.  Please contact our Planning Department to learn more. 

Licensing, Permits, and Code Compliance
In general, the Township has no licensing requirements beyond the State of Michigan requirements.

State of Michigan
You are required to register your business with the State of Michigan.  The State provides a helpful state license search at  https://www.michigan.gov/statelicensesearch/

Home-Based Businesses
Some home-based businesses are permitted, some require a Special Land Use Permit, and some are prohibited.  You can review and fill out the Home Occupation Questionnaire and Regulation packet.  

Food Trucks or Food Carts
Delta Township does require you to license a food truck or food cart.  Special Transitory Food Units Ordinance

Building Permits
You may need a building permit if you plan to build or modify an existing structure.  Please contact the Building Department.

Taxes and Fees

Personal Property Taxes
As a business, you will be required to pay personal property taxes.  If you have questions about your taxes contact the Assessing Department

The personal property of all entities in the State of Michigan is taxable unless specifically exempted by Michigan general property tax laws. Taxable personal property is generally the furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, leasehold improvements, office machines, computers, and tools of business. There are some exceptions for churches, farms, and other organizations.

All taxable property must be reported annually to the local assessor on or before Feb. 20. The Michigan State Tax Commission has an approved form that must be used in reporting personal property. 
Tax day is Dec. 31 each year. The personal property statement requires all property to be reported based on its location on Dec. 31.

All businesses with property in Delta Township must comply with state laws. The Assessor's Office attempts to mail forms to all entities believed to have taxable property on tax day. These forms are mailed the first week of January each year. 

Please see our Business Personal Property Tax page for more information.  

Sales Tax and State Tax
If your business sells tangible goods, you will need a sales tax license from the State of Michigan.  

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