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Currently, there is one registered “vendor”.

Door-To-Door Vendor:

  1. Company: Royal Lawn Service/Great Looking Lawns
    Dates of Operation: April 24 through May 8
    Mitchel Alan Thurston
    Vendor Employees:

    • Troy Thomas Cook
    • Jayson Garcia
    • Augstin Montomgery
    • Seth Daniel Moore
    • Demarcion Adris-Duane Sheffey
    • Payton E. Weldon
    • Henry-Lee Deshon Wells

Great Lakes Energy Service Inc. DBA (Doing Business As) the Snug Home Program will be going door-to-door within Delta Township. Great Lakes Energy/Snug Home will be canvassing the area Monday – Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. over the next 30 days.  Great Lakes Energy/Snug Home is a 50l (c) (3) non-profit organization through the Internal Revenue Service and is not required to obtain a vending license through Delta Township.  The documents supplied by Great Lakes Energy Service are attached for residents to view.

All persons operating as “vendors” within Delta Township are required to be registered and wearing a visible identification card saying so. To report a non-registered “vendor” please contact the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office at 517-372-8217 and select option #2.

Delta Township Vending Regulations and Application

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