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Currently, there are four registered “vendors”.

Stationary Vendors:

Jakes FireworksLocated in the Lansing Mall  Parking Lot from June 25 through July 9.

Approved Individuals:

  • Thomas Dunn
  • Taylor R. Geissler
  • Kristina A. Lawrence
  • Thadlee C Lawrence

TNT FireworksLocated in the Walmart Parking Lot from June 23 – July 7.

Approved Individuals:

  • Chuck Friese
  • Carl Darnell Bond
  • Victor Joseph Bueno
  • Pamela Kay Martin

Door-to-Door Vendors:

Xfinity – Active June 5 through July 4

Approved Individuals:

  • Angel C. High
  • Deborah A. Leahy
  • James A. Lentini
  • Oluwaseun Sipeolu

Dahni’s Ice CreamActive July 1  through July 15,

Approved Individuals:

  • Alvin R. Benson
  • Don Earl Jones
  • Melissa C. Nisse
  • Marti T. Reeve

All persons operating as “vendors” within Delta Township are required to be registered and wearing a visible identification card saying so. To report a non-registered “vendor” please contact the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office at 517-372-8217 and select option #2.

Delta Township Vending Regulations and Application

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