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Ordinances & Licensing

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for regulating several ordinances within Delta Township. Please check with the Township Clerk to see if a vendor license is required for any vending activity in the Township either door-to-door or from a fixed commercial site. Residents should ask to see a license if they are approached by a vendor. A license is not required if vendor leaves a brochure at a resident’s home and is not soliciting a sale of merchandise or service to be delivered at later date. All other questions regarding this ordinance should be directed to the Delta Township Clerk’s Office at 323.8500.

Outlined below are regulations regarding those most frequently inquired about:

Failure to obtain proper licensing is considered a civil infraction and will be treated accordingly. If a vendor does not have a Township issued license, residents should contact the Sheriff’s Department at 372.8217.

Registered Vendors:

Click here for current registered vendors.

All persons operating as “vendors” within Delta Township are required to be registered and wearing a visible identification card saying so. To report a non-registered “vendor” please contact the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office at 517-372-8217 Option #2.

For a complete listing of Township ordinances, please click here. The Delta Township Code of Ordinances is maintained by the Municipal Code Corporation.

  • Special Transitory Food Units Ordinance (Also Known as Food Trucks) – anyone wishing to operate a special transitory food unit within the township must be registered.Special Transitory Food Unit (Food Truck) applications should be submitted to the Delta Township Planning Department.All applications must be paid in full at the time of submittal and must be submitted at least 10-days in advance of when the license will take effect.
    30-Day Licensing Fee $75
    120-Day Licensing Fee $300

    For questions regarding Special Transitory Food Units, please contact the Planning Department at 517-323-8560.  Below you may see a full version of the ordinance and download an application.

Special Transitory Food Units Ordinance

Special Transitory Food Unit Ordinance Application – Food Trucks

All Township Ordinances Online

The Delta Township Code of Ordinances is maintained by the Municipal Code Corporation.

Code of Ordinances

Fire Department Supplemental Rules and Regulations

The Delta Township Code of Ordinances is updated annually through the Municipal Code Corporation.

All fees as may be indicated in Township Ordinances are assessed by resolution of the Board.

Please check with the Clerk’s Office at 517.323.8500 for the most recent updates.

Specific Ordinances

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