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Water & Sewer Rates

For information on the Delta Charter Township Water & Sewer Rates click on the following link:

Water Sewer Rates June 2019

Summer Sewer Max Credit

Delta Township grants automatic sewer credits to all residential customers April – September. The process referred to as” Summer Sewer Max”, assures summer sewer bills will not increase for seasonal water usages such as filling pools and lawn irrigation.

A “sewer maximum” is established by calculating the average winter usage (October – March).  This average is the maximum a customer will be billed for sewer April – September.  Customers will be charged for full water usage during these months, but the sewer portion of the bill will not exceed the “sewer maximum”. Therefore, customers will avoid paying sewer charges for excess water usage during the summer months.  In addition, this policy makes secondary irrigation meters unnecessary.

This credit is automatic and does not require you to contact us. However, if you have any questions regarding the calculation of the sewer credit please contact the Delta Township Accounting Department 517.323.8510.

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