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Neighborhood Block Party

A neighborhood block party is a great way to meet your neighbors, create a sense of belonging, network within the community and sometimes help plan some change in your community!

Top Reasons to have a neighborhood block party:

  1. To have fun – no excuse or reason to celebrate!
  2. To meet your neighbors. The more you know who belongs to the neighborhood, the more likely you are to identify strangers or suspicious people.
  3. To increase the sense of belonging in your neighborhood.
  4. To organize a group such as Neighborhood Watch.
  5. To make connections within the community. When you know people, you can exchange skills or resources and perhaps organize a book club, baby-sitting co-op, share walking to school duties, or find new friends for your children.
  6. To plan a campaign for traffic slowdown, get better lighting, or address other interests.
  7. To “use” the street for one day, for example street hockey, set up a kids jump house or to practice bike safety skills.
  8. To meet some of the old-time residents in the neighborhood and learn about its history.
  9. To have a neighborhood clean-up day, play some good music and barbecue once all the work is done.
  10. To start a tradition of getting together at least once a year.

What do I need to do to have a neighborhood block party?

  1. If you need a road closure for your event, Please complete a Block Party and the Use of Barricades Request Form. (Please note road closure requests must submitted at least 20 days prior to the event.)
    – Block Party and the use of Barricades Request Form
  2. If your event requires a noise waiver per the Delta Township Noise Ordinance, complete a Noise Waiver Request Form.
    – Noise Waiver Request Form


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