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Adult Volleyball (indoor-Winter/outdoor sand -Summer/Fall)

2018 Registration Form Indoor Volleyball (Winter – Coed)

Teams play six against six. Each team must have at least three males and three females, twelve players per team limit. There are no individual player fees. Games will be held at the Waverly East Intermediate Gym (3131 West Michigan Avenue).

Outdoor Sand Volleyball

Games are held at Sharp Park and offered on your choice of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You must have at least two males and two females on your team, with no player limit. If you are an individual looking to get on a team please call 517.323.8555 and ask to be added to the volleyball player pick up list.

Individual player cards must be filled out by each player but there are no individual fees to play.

The 2018 Summer Coed Season will begin May 9.

The 2018 Fall Coed Season will begin August 15.

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