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Sidewalk Program

Delta Township is placing a higher priority on creating a safer pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly community. The Delta Township Sidewalk Plan was updated in April 2003, in May 2007, and again in November 2009. The Delta Trails Non-Motorized Transportation Plan was adopted in April 2005 and updated in 2012. For a listing of the adopted Sidewalk Plan Goals and Objectives, click this link 2010 Sidewalk Plan.

2016 Sidewalk Repairs – Once again the engineering department is asking for your help in locating sidewalks that are in need of repair. The Township’s sidewalk ordinance places the responsibility on the property owner to maintain the walks in a safe condition, but the Township Board has budgeted funds and has directed staff to see that the repairs are done. The ordinance lists the following as conditions requiring repair:

  • A rise or drop of more than an inch between sections.
  • More than two cracks of one-quarter inch in width or more in any two lineal feet.
  • Any section of walk that is tilted in excess of one inch per foot from side to side.
  • If, in any square, more than 50% of the surface has scaled off to a depth of 1/4 inch or more.

If you notice any of these conditions on existing walks please contact the Engineering Division at 323-8540 or by emailing

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