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Delta Township is excited to announce the release of their first smartphone app to engage with township residents and customers.  “The mission of this app is simple, provide a one-stop location for the most relevant information township residents, customers, and visitors are looking for in a digital medium that is widely utilized, the smartphone,” stated Dave Marquette, I.T Director, and project leader.

Mobility and simplicity in data and information access are in high demand.  It is the goal of this app to provide easy access to the most relevant township information in the palm of the user’s hand.  The app provides easy forms that can be filled out by the user to contact Delta Township with their ideas, pictures, or even problems that they encounter within the township.  The app also provides information on all recreation and event activities within the township and allow for mobile signup and payment.  As a user, you can view maps of all our parks and trail offerings, area restaurant and shopping opportunities, look up available homes for sale as well as search all of Delta Township’s cemetery records and maps.  As a participant in our recreation programs, you will have quick access to leagues schedules, tournament brackets, and weather related cancellations.  In addition, the app will serve as a critical information portal for emergency situations such as weather or public safety situations.

“We are very excited about introducing this app for our residents, businesses, and even visitors to Delta” stated Supervisor Ken Fletcher.  “This fits in with our strategic plan to continually improve customer service and communication to our community and is an innovative way for Delta Township to interact and interface with our residents.”

The app is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  Please search Delta Township to find the app.  For more information and easy links to the Delta Township App please visit .

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